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Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth
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Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth

– 36cm x 36cm
– 10 cloths/pack, 5 packs/case
– Available in: Dark Blue, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, White & Yellow.

The Scotch-Brite high performance cloth’s unique knit pattern of tufts and valleys allow both small and large particles to be trapped within. The bi-components in the polyester and nylon microfibers allow for both oil and water absorption while the microfiber’s ribbon-like shape provides the maximum surface area for the collection of dust.

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Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth

Economy microfibre wipes. Allow both oil and water absorption. Use on surfaces such as: stainless steel, chrome, enamel, painted surfaces, plastics, glass, mirrors windows, computer monitors, wood and marble. Wash up to 100 times

Gentle Pearl PIS


Dark Blue, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, White, Yellow



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