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TDS Birchmeimer Vario-Matic 1.25 PE

TDS Vario-Matic 1.25 PE is a multifunctional foam gun for acidic and alkaline foaming agent with integrated mixing ratio dial for cleaning, descaling and disinfecting. [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWrpVI1KIFg" width="240" height="200"]

Unger Stingray Indoor Window Cleaning System & Accessories

The revolutionary Unger Stingray, indoor window cleaning system - ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces too. It cleans windows up to 25% faster and uses up to 39% less chemical than conventional sprayer and cloth...

UNGER DI Filter Resin Beads (25L)

Making water pure is easy with the Unger Di Resin filters. Tap water is passed through a filter vessel packed with high capacity, mixed bed ion exchange resin, which produces virtually 100% pure water immediately and without any water loss or wastage.

Moerman by Oates – Professional 35cm Stainless Steel Channel

The 35cm Stainless Steel Channel is a premium brushed stainless steel making this durable, lightweight and rust-resistant. The notched channel securely holds the Dura-Flex rubber and channel in place.

Oates by Moerman 35cm Glass Master Wash & Dry

The 35cm Glass Master Wash & Dry includes a washable and replaceable microfibre sleeve traps and removes built-up grime. The natural rubber blade ensures a streak-free finish every time.

Moerman by Oates – Professional 35cm Dura-Flex™ Rubber

The 35cm Dura-Flex Rubber is of premium quality, ensuring a clean, streak free finish.

Contractor 9.5cm Blade Scraper

The 9.5cm Blade Scraper is made from high grade steel and includes a safety guard for protection.

20cm Window Cleaner – Head Only

The 20cm Window Cleaner Head Only is a sponge, bristles and blade in one that washes, scrubs and squeegees surfaces dry.

Moerman by Oates – Professional Dusters – Pipe Duster

The Pipe Duster is made from 100% goat hair with antistatic properties which makes thiss ideal for removing dust and dirt. Cleans easy by simply rubbing or rinsing with water.

Contractor 35cm Window Prewasher

The Oates 35cm Window Prewasher has a microfibre pad that traps and removes any built-up grime. For a longer reach, use with the Oates Telescopic Extension Pole.

Moerman by Oates – Professional Replacement Blade 25 Pack

The 25 Pack of Replacement Blades are made of sharp, coated carbon steel. To be use with the Premium Scrapers.

Moerman by Oates – Professional Bi-Component Handle

The Bi-Component Handle includes a premium brushed stainless steel head to prevent rusting, The ergonomic release spring makes rubber replacement quick and easy.

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