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Tork A2 Air Freshener Tab Holder

Tork Air Freshener Tab Holder is designed to hold the Tork Apple Air Freshener Tabs. They provide an affordable and long lasting system to enhance your washroom.

Tork Toilet Seat Sanitiser SafeSeat

300ml per cartridge (1,500 portions), 6 cartridges per case Simple spray to wipe with toilet tissue to ensure that the toilet seat is clean and hygienic Improves the hygiene and peace of mind in the washroom

Tork A1 Air Freshener Refills

Innovative odour control system eliminates orders using an intelligent Tork A1 dispensing system

Tork A1 Air Freshener Dispenser

Eliminate odours with an air freshener system that actively neutralises odours Intelligent dispensing options can be easily programmed so that each refill can last up to 90 days with various setting options LCD day count day window shows when refill requires replacement Requires 2 “C”...

Tork S2 Mini Liquid Soaps

Compact cartridge soap system ideal for wash stations and small washrooms

Septone Superclene Citrus Cleanser & Degreaser

Superclene is Australia's most versatile heavy duty general purpose cleaner/degreaser concentrate. It's unique combination of biodegradable natural orange oil extract, anionic and non-ionic surfactants and powerful builders combine to give excellent performance in almost any application. It can be diluted for virtually any cleaning application,...

Chemtech CT18 Superwash Truck & Car Wash

Chemtech CT18 is a heavy duty, biodegradable, concentrated cleaning gel. Removes the toughest grease, grime, oil & soot for a streak free finish. CT18 Superwash has been specifically formulated so that it is harmless to all materials used on trucks and other motor vehicles, and...

Septone Ezy Protecta Grit Pod 3L

Septone Ezy Protecta Grit Pod 3L is an extra heavy duty solvent industrial strength hand cleaner, contains scrubbers and moisturiser. Waterless formula quickly removes tough ingrained dirt, grease, oil and grime.

Septone Blockettes Toilet & Urinal Deodorant Blocks

Septone Blockettes Deodorant Blocks are tutti fruitti fragranced p-Dichlorobenzene blocks which slowly release their perfumed vapour into the air. Blockettes are for use in bathrooms or wash rooms to suppress malodours and freshen the air. Available in 4kg, 9kg & 15kg

Septone Ezy Protecta Gold Pod 3L

Septone Ezy Protecta Gold Pod 3L is a Solvent free hand cleaner with scrubbers. The 3L Pod designed to fit the 3L Ezy Dispenser. Protecta Gold is lemon fragranced, removes most industrial soils including grease, dirt and oils and washes clean away, leaving hands clean...

Septone Ezy Orange Scrub Pod 3L

Septone Ezy Orange Scrub Pod 3L is a citrus based hand cleaner with cleaning abrasives. The 3L Pod designed to fit the 3L Ezy Dispenser. Orange Scrub is waterless, naturally fragranced and removes most heavy industrial soils including grease, dirt and oils. Contains moisturises to...

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